Keyboard Firmware Builder

Reasons for updating this project so much

  1. Origin repo had stopped updating and do not reply to any issues since 21 Jan 2017
  2. Readme for that is not enough for people to make the project work.
  3. The master of the project seems not familiar with coding in front-end

New feature

  1. support async await
  2. add localstorage for separate different user
  3. add database to store configuration for everybody(couch DB)
  4. add watch file updating to auto compile to .js
  5. add as a new face
  6. have not done yet...


To set up the project for development, run npm install in the root of the project to install dependencies.

Create a local.json file in src/const, in the format(like me):

	"DB_URL": "database url",
	"DB_NAME": "database name",
	"API": "http://localhost:5004"

run your own compile server

First, dfu-programmer and avr-gcc is required.

$ cd server
$ node index.js

And then http://localhost:5004 is your builder server(look up to local.json)


$ npm run deploy

And then it will auto compile your updating into /static folder, until you stop this server

preview your work

$npm i -g http-server
$ cd static
$ http-server

voilà, is your work


  1. upload folders server and static to your vps
  2. start your builder server(see above)
  3. http-server or apache or nginx whatever, open a link for static

Online website